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About This Informed Life

This Informed Life is a website dedicated to bringing our audience closer to the answers they are looking for through a variety of different ways including personal experience, testing, and research.

We know in life some of the best decisions made are well thought out coupled with some research and maybe some weighing of pros and cons.

Your decisions in life where you are going to spend money do not need to be on the spot. My father was a person who kicked the tires on many of the financial decisions he would make and so he unintentionally passed that on to me.

I believe in information gathering first before making a decision that will effect your bank account. So here I give you a website full of information on ways to problem solve decisions that need to be made in your life.

This Informed Life is actually one of two websites owned by me that puts valuable information in the hands of it's audience. COPJOT Police Notebooks and Pens which is also a holder of "The Notebook Files" Police Blog is another successful website that readers enjoy visiting for their law enforcement information.

I hope that you enjoy your time visiting This Informed Life and if I or my team can be of any help to you please let us know by filling out and submitting the below form.

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