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Best Dash Camera for Uber Drivers (Top 7 Ranked and Reviewed)


By: This Informed Life, Staff Writers
Updated on July 11, 2023
7 minute read

With the number of increased drivers on the road these days the need for probability of you being involved in a fender bender or even worse a bad car crash increases every day.


Have you looked around lately while you have been driving your semi truck on the highway and thought to yourself, “Wow everybody drives the speed limit, and everyone drives so carefully?” Well, I didn’t think so!


Having an independent onboard witness is key and may save you thousands in insurance premiums. This is what motorists looking to buy a Dash Cam love so much about them.


What many people forget about when thinking about buying a Dash Camera is the possibility that you may be able to produce video evidence of a crash involving other motorists.


The primary purpose of a Rideshare Dash Camera is to capture video evidence in the event of a crash or an on board incident; beyond that, everything else it can do is icing on the cake.


In case you want to jump right to our recommendations we get it, and you can do that by clicking here or just scrolling down, but if you want to continue on in this 5-minute or less information-packed article on best dash camera for Uber drivers keep on going. We think you will come out more informed and have no regrets reading the information that we have provided. 

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What is Car Dash Camera?

A car dashboard camera is a small device that records the road and possibly a wider area as you drive. That is the definition in its simplest form. They are there to help provide you with evidence in case of an accident.


They first emerged as many people can remember, as video recorders that police officers used and still use in their patrol cars. They captured the moments of police officers patrolling and conducting traffic stops of motorists.


Today they are still popular amongst the police and now with private citizens, Uber drivers, and truck drivers.

What is the Best Dash Camera for Car Owners?

With over 6,000 reviews on Amazon and averaging 4.4 stars this REDTIGER Dash Cam is the Best.

Click here to buy the REDTIGER Dash Cam Front Rear, 4K/2.5K Full HD Dash Camera for Cars, Free 32GB SD Card, Built-in Wi-Fi GPS and join the millions of motorists already using it to protect themselves on Americas roads.


5 Basic features to look for when buying a Car Dash Cam

1080p recording

You should look for a Car Dash Cam with a minimum of 1080p Recording. 1080p is known as full HD, which is 1,920×1,080 pixels.


If you are going to produce video evidence of an incident showing that you are NOT at fault or that you were the victim you will want the video recording to be very clear.


A framerate of 30fps

The framerate on a Car Dash Cam tells you how many still images the camera captures every second to produce video footage.


Thirty frames per second (fps) is common and this is what you should be shooting for and any higher frames per second (fps) will take up more storage.


Loop recording

Loop recording will simply overwrite the oldest clips with new ones, making sure that it’s always able to capture a new incident.


A 120-degree field of view (FOV)

A Car Dash Cam needs to capture a good view of the road. The (field-of-view) specification tells you how wide the camera’s view is; the bigger the number, the more of the road and surrounding traffic the camera will be able to capture.


You should be looking for a Car Dash Cam with a minimum field of view being 120 degrees. Most Truck Dash Cams feature 140 degrees which is great.



This means that the Car Dash Cam will power up and start recording when you start your engine. This should be a feature you are looking to have because we always have other things on our minds when getting into and starting our cars.

Do Car Dash Cams have an image stabilization feature?

Yes, image stabilization is a feature offered on many Car Dash Cams. If a dash cam has image stabilization, that means it’s capable of delivering clearer, better-quality footage. 

Do Vehicle Dash Cams connect to Wi-Fi or connect to an app?

Yes, many Car Dash Cams have a feature that allows you to view and manage dash cam recordings instantly on your iOS and Android devices. 


By using an app you can download your recorded videos directly to your smartphone and then easily share these on social media with friends and family

Best Car Dash Cams with GPS

A Car Dash Cam utilizing (GPS) technology will know where it is and how fast it is traveling. This data can then be captured, alongside any incident or accident footage, to further help identify who was at fault.

Do Car Dash Cams come with a cabin camera?

A cabin camera is a rearwards-facing camera, sometimes integrated or clipped onto the main unit, that records what’s taking place in the cabin behind the driver.


This feature may be useful for drivers who may be transporting passengers for work and, in some cases, it may also capture enough in rear-end accidents to demonstrate who was at fault.

Can Car Dash Cams make an SOS call?

This feature allows the Car Dash Cam to automatically contact emergency services in the event of an accident. This often involves connecting your phone to the dash cam, so it can check to see if you’re responsive after it detects a potential accident. If you don’t respond, it will message the emergency services and include relevant details, such as your location.

Best Car Dash Camera with Alexa support

If a dash cam has Amazon Alexa integration, you can connect your phone to it and then use voice control to control the dash cam. You can then use the dash cam’s voice control functionality to safely access other features on your phone while driving.

What is the best Car Dash Cam for Uber, Lyft, and Rideshare?

With over 6,000 reviews on Amazon and averaging 4.4 stars this REDTIGER Car Dash Cam is the Best.

Click here to buy the Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam Infrared Night Vision, Dual Channel 1080P Front and Inside Dash Cam and join the millions of rideshare drivers already using it to protect themselves and their vehicles.


Car Dash Camera for Uber drivers product information and reviews 

Whenever you set out to buy yourself something new that utilizes components you should do your research on that product so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.


​Sometimes a company will tell you their product has certain features, but the testing and reviews of that same product tell a different story.


​We also look at and weigh a product's quality or lack of quality along with its price tag. In other words, what is the best bang for the buck?


​Any product that we feature here on This Informed Life has been researched, information about the product has been gathered and reviews have been read. We have done the legwork for you and have given you our top choices for purchasing a Car Dash Cam.

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