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Best Multi Plug Outlet with USB (Top 7 Ranked and Reviewed)


By: This Informed Life Staff
Updated on July 11, 2023
5 minute read

Multi-Plug Outlets are another gadget on the consumer market that is making peoples lives easier as well as more organized. If you haven’t heard of or taken notice of the nes Multi Plug Outlet models that can be purchased you may be missing something big.

If you think of the old multi-plug power strips that you once had powering your Christmas lights or behind your television powering a stereo, DVD player and a cable box you are on the right track. Now condense that image you have into a 4X6 inch box and throw in some USB and USB-C charging ports and you have some features of a new Multi-Plug Outlet. Now you have a Multi Plug Outlet.

These Multi-Plug Outlets make for perfect power sources for bedrooms, living rooms and offices due to their ability to power and charge several gadgets at once.

In case you want to jump right to our Multi Plug Outlet recommendations you can do that by clicking here or just scroll down, but if you want to continue on in this 5 minute or less information packed article on Multi Plug Outlets keep on going. We think you will come out more informed and have no regrets reading the information that we have provided.  

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1. What is a Multi Plug Outlet?

A Multi Plug Outlet is a rectangular box that has up to 8 AC power ports on both the face and sides, has USB and USB-C charging ports, and plugs directly into an electrical outlet. A long screw fastens the Multi-Plug Outlet to the electrical outlet.


Some Multi Plug Outlets have night lights with a dusk-to-dawn sensor.

2. What is the Best Multi Plug Outlet?

With over 63,000 reviews on Amazon and averaging 4.7 stars this Multi Plug Outlet is the Best.

Click here to buy the POWRUI Multi-Plug Outlet and join the millions of others already using it in their everyday lives.


3. Are Multi-Plug Outlets easy to install?

Installation of a Multi Plug Outlet is minimal. Just plug it in and use the optional screw (included) to secure it to a duplex outlet.

4. How much space does a Multi-Plug Outlet take up?

The box itself is roughly 4 inches by 5 inches and sticks out about 2 inches.


The Multi-Plug Outlet fits right over a standard electrical outlet so you will need about 5-6 inches from a wall in order to have clearance for anything you will plug in to the face of it.

5. Do Multi-Plug Outlets have quick charging ports for iphones?

Yes most Multi Plug Outlets charge using USB A & USB C ports. We recommend two Multi-Plug Outlets that are able to hold a cell phone on the top of the outlet box. 

The 1st is the POWRUI power outlet and is out Best for Families on a Budget. You can find a link to check it out here or keep scrolling down. 

The 2nd is the One Beat iSmart power outlet and is our Cadillac Option. You can find a link to check it out here or keep scrolling down. 

6. Are multi-plug outlets safe?

Yes, but they aren’t without potential hazards. Make sure it features surge protection which all of our best selections do. Otherwise, treat them like power strips.


As long as they’re in locations with adequate airflow, you avoid connecting multi-plug outlets to other multi-plug outlets and you stay mindful of the devices you plug in, there aren’t concerning safety issues.

7. How much do Multi Plug Outlets cost?

The cost of a Multi-Plug Outlet ranges from $11 to $30. Our Best Overall pick for Multi Plug Outlet only costs $15 and you can link to buy the POWRUI multi-plug outlet here.

Do Multi Plug Outlets come with dusk til dawn nigh lights?

Yes some Multi Plug Outlets come with dusk til dawn night light features.

8. Can you plug an extension cord into a multi-plug outlet?

No, never plug a power strip into a multi-plug outlet and never plug a power strip into another power strip. Not only do you risk damaging your devices, but you could inadvertently start a fire or be electrocuted.


Daisy-chaining outlets or power strips together makes it more likely that one of the outlets or strips will fail.

9. Multi Plug Outlet product information and reviews

Not all pet nail grinders are created equal. You should do some of your own research and together with blog article you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Any product that we feature here on This Informed Life has been researched, information about the product has been gathered and reviews have been read. We have done the legwork for you and have given you our top choices for purchasing the best multi plug outlet with USB.


If you click on a link and make a purchase I may earn a small commission that could buy me a can of my favorite soda. If you do thank you very much.

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