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7 Best Robot Vacuums Trending Now (Ranked and Reviewed)


By: Brian Humenuk, This Informed Life
Updated on July 11, 2023
6 minute read

Robotic Vacuums in general have been trending for the past few years but have been around since 1996 when  Electolux released the Trilobite Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. The current day availability of Robot Vacuums on the retail market along with peoples expected bang for their buck have caused the robotic vacuum craze and it doesn't seem to be cooling off any times soon.

More and more companies are getting their Robotic Vacuum technology on the market and companies that have been stables in the industry are releasing newer versions almost every year.

This is a great thing for consumers who are looking to purchase a Robotic Vacuum.

We happily took a dive into some research to find the best Robotic Vacuums in the retail market and the results may very well surprise you. We also explain why it may not be a good idea to invest in one of these neat little guys.

Making informed decisions so that you can save time and money is what we do best here at This Informed Life.

In case you want to jump right to our recommendations we get it and you can do that by clicking here, but if you want to continue on in this 5 minute or less information packed article on Robotic Vacuums keep on going. We think you will come out more informed and have no regrets reading the information that we have provided.  

1. What to look for when buying a Robotic Vaccuum?

The first thing that you should do is think about your home, what is in it and who lives in it. Here are some things to think about.

How big is your home? If you have a large home you may need a Robotic Vacuum on each floor because if you are sick of pushing and pulling a regular vacuum around your not going to want to carry a Robotic Vacuum up and down the stairs, taking it to the docking station and finding a place to clean it out. 

Smaller homes work better for Robotic Vaccums.

What kind of floors do you have? Hardwood, laminate, tile, carpet?

All of the Robotic Vacuums that we tested worked great on hardwood, laminate and tile. Carpet was a different story. Carpeted floors take a great deal of effort when using a regular vacuum. What you might run into when using a Robotic vacuum on a home with mostly carpeted floors is a poor job deep into the carpet. 

On hardwood, laminate and tile you and your visitors will be able to see clearly the cleanliness after the Robotic Vacuum is finished, but carpet might not look the same. 

Do you have pets, how many and do they shed?

If you have pets and they shed there are a few things to consider. You will be using the vacuum more. You will be cleaning out the debris collector more and you will be replacing filters more often. 

What we like about Robotic Vacuums and pet  are that when you own a pet they track in dirt as well as shed their hair/fur. Robotic vacuums may be able to do 75-80% of the vacuuming for you and you may only need to touch up or do a thorough cleaning once every few weeks. 

Our Top Pick for Robotic Vacuums best for pet hair is the 

How many people live in your house? You may want to ask yourself this question because if it is just you and another person you may be able to purchase a Robotic Vacuum that is more affordable and less of a workhorse than if there are 6 people living under your roof. 

Lets face it the more people living in a house the more foot traffic and debris needs to be cleaned up. A situation like this will call for a larger collection compartment and possibly a vacuum that holds a better charge. 

Our Top Pick for Most Affordable Robotic Vacuum is
Our Top Pick for Hardest Working Robotic Vacuum is 

2. What is the Best Robot Vacuum?

With over 12,000 reviews on Amazon and averaging 4.2 stars this Roomba Robot Vacuum is the Best.

Click here to buy iRobot Roomba i3 EVO (3150) Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum with Smart Mapping Works with Alexa Ideal and join the millions of others already using it to effortlessly clean their home and business floors.

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3. Is it worth it to get a Robotic Vacuum?

If you are into technology and think that this type of home appliance is super cool then you are going to think it is worth buying one. We really enjoyed testing these little guys out. 

For the disabled and handicap individuals and families looking to purchase a Robotic Vacuum they can be worth buying. Just keep in mind that you will have to pick up items on the floor like blankets and cell cords, reposition the vacuum, free it from being stuck and pick it up to clean it and place it on the charging dock. 

There are also many features and programs that you will like to play around with again if you are a technology person. 
Are you a person that hates to vacuum? Many people do not like to so if you are one of them then the answer to this question is easy. YES they are worth it.

For us we just enjoyed seeing it do its thing and most exciting was when we went to clean out the debris collector it was nice to see all of the dirt, hair and other things that they had not problem sucking up.

4. How easy is it to set up a Robot Vacuum?

Right out of the box you can have them start themselves on pre-programmed schedules or start them manually depending on your model. 

All of the Robot Vacuum models we recommend here on This Informed Life came with detailed setup instructions and we were able to find more video instructions on YouTube. 

Most models come with a programmable display screen for its quick set up. Newer models offer remote control guidance and wireless app control from your phone.

Whenever you set out to buy yourself something new that utilizes components you should do your research on that product so that you can make an informed purchasing decision. 

5. What kind of filters are sold for Robot Vacuums?

Robot vacuum filters come in different types, including HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air), foam, and paper filters.


HEPA filters are the most efficient and capture up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. They are ideal for people with allergies and asthma. Foam filters are washable and reusable, making them cost-effective and eco-friendly. Paper filters are disposable and need to be replaced regularly.

6. How much do replacement filters cost for a Robot Vacuum?

Our research showed that replacement filters for Robot Vacuums ranged from $6.99 to $59.99. There are an abundance of filters out there in the retail market so shop wisely to get the best deals.

7. Robot Vacuum product information and reviews

Whenever you set out to buy yourself something new that utilizes components you should do your research on that product so that you can make an informed purchasing decision without wasting your hard earned money.

Sometimes a company will tell you that their product has certain features but the testing and reviews of that same product tell a different story especially over time as the product is used over and over day after day.

If you purchase a Robot Vacuum it will be a heavily used home appliance that you will come to depend on and enjoy watching. A Robot Vacuum is an appliance that you may want to spend a little extra money on to ensure you get one that is durable and reliable.

It is important to buy a Robot Vacuum that comes with a reputable name that is time tested and will last you years. All of the Robot Vacuums that we recommend here come with a quality time tested name and models that have been out there in the field working for quite some time with very minimal issues.

We also look at and weigh a products quality or lack of quality along with it’s price tag. In other words what is the best bang for the buck.

Any product that we feature here on This Informed Life has been researched, information about the product has been gathered and reviews have been read. We have done the legwork for you and have given you our top choices for purchasing a Robot Vacuum.

8. Robot Vacuums for people on a budget or that don’t want to spend a lot of money to get one.

While conducting our research we came across a Robot Vacuum that was inexpensive compared to the well known name brands like I-Robot, Euffy and . The name of this Robot Vaccuum is called AIRROBO and is currently being sold by Amazon. You can find the link to this specific Robot Vacuum here.

We researched this specific vacuum and then piled through the reviews looking for the good, the bad and the ugly. 

This AIRROBO Vacuum model comes with all of the standard equipment including remote control, access to an app for notifications, a powerful suction mode, advanced navigation and sensors and 120 minutes of run time.

It is currently listed for $139 on Amazon and has over 1,200 ratings with an average of 4.3%. 

Looking at what people negative remarks were some people thought that the vacuum seemed to wander aimlessly instead of sticking to the program. Another customer posted that the battery life had dwindled and yet another customer said that small hairs were being blown out of the exhaust. 

With any product upkeep including cleaning and replacement of worn or broken parts will keep your purchased unit running that way it designed. 

If you are on a limited budget and want to purchase a Robot Vacuum but don’t want to spend over $200 this may be the way to go. This is our pick for Best Pick for families on a budget. 

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